How to fold paper airplanes F15

Surely as a child, everyone likes you fold paper airplanes and tinkering ways unique fold paper airplanes, right? Today let’s categories than an aircraft is a bit more complex but quite beautiful and unique.

How to fold paper airplanes F15

How to fold paper airplanes F15

Note: Blue line is mountain crease, Red line is valley line.
Step 1: Start with a rectangle origami.

Step 2: fold and unfold to make valley crease. Then flip the paper.

Step 3: Create valley crease then flip the paper.

Step 4:

Step 5: Flip the paper

Step 6: fold up the bottom of model

Step 7: Push two angle of the model inside.

Step 8: fold up the layer

Step 9: Flip the model

Step 10: fold one layer to the right

Step 11: Create there crease as shown, repeat in the right.

Step 12: fold down the layer

Step 13: fold as shown

Step 14: Flip the model

Step 15: fold the layer to right.

Step 16: fold the layer to left again.

Step 17: Repeat step 15 – 16 in the right

Step 18: fold the top of the model as shown

Step 19: fold as shown

Step 20: fold down the layer to make wing, repeat behind

Step 21: complete the model

Your plane is complete

Pretty simple to have a paper plane F15 is not it. With only one paper and one pencil you can do many interesting things in his spare time. Let’s try and show off to peers on the unique airplane of you. And to better understand how to do, you can watch clips tutorial “how to fold paper airplanes F15” below!